I am a curator of contemporary art and writer based in London. My pronouns are she/they.

My research is driven by the longing for “home”. A home never truly found, and yet to be built. I am interested in belonging, displacement, intimacy, and the role technology has in shaping these feelings within individuals and collectives. I create autofiction that responds to love and violence as found in my digital journeys across time zones. 

My writings have recently appeared on Super Effective and Kabul Magazine, amongst other magazines. In April 2021, I translated the Introduction of Glitch Feminism, by Legacy Russell, into Italian for Kabul Magazine.

In 2020, I co-founded @slant_projects, a digital platform for transdisciplinary collaboration amongst queer artists and researchers. Since 2016, I have curated exhibitions and programmes across Europe in collaboration with galleries and non-profit organisations.

I regularly lead portfolio reviews for emerging artists and other professional development events, most recently in collaboration with NN Contemporary Art and The Artist and the Others.


💌 claudia@skye.it