Claudia Contu is a curator of contemporary art and writer based between London (UK) and Prato (IT). Her pronouns are she/her/hers.

Claudia’s research is driven by queer desire, contemporary myth-making and the interplay of human and non-human forces in society. She creates autofiction that responds to virtual intimacy and violence as found in her digital movements across time zones. 

Her writings have recently appeared on Super Effective and ATP Diary, amongst other magazines. She is currently translating the Introduction of Glitch Feminism, by Legacy Russell, into Italian for Kabul Magazine.

Claudia is co-founder of @slant_projects, a digital platform for transdisciplinary collaboration amongst queer artists and researchers. Since 2016, she has curated exhibitions across Europe in collaboration with galleries and non-profit organisations.

Additionally, she holds a reading group on the themes of feminist ecology, blue humanities, and extra-species collaboration for East-Contemporary.


Claudia Contu is a sole trader registered to operate in the U.K.