I am a Curator and Writer from Prato (IT), currently based in London.

My research tackles gender theory and is inspired by nature and science fiction. I am fascinated by myths that I read about, manipulate and re-create following my lived experiences and those of my loved ones. In doing so, I ask myself:

What relationships are we entertaining with other humans next to us and across borders, online, within institutions, on Terra {…} and what can we learn from these?

As a Curator, I am devoted to facilitating artistic production by helping artists in sourcing materials and suggest research models that expand the scope of their practices. I also champion takeovers from the audience, where they become active agents of knowledge-production.

Finally, I am a curious Communicator. I have worked with a number of partners – in the UK and abroad, to foster engaged online and offline communities. I find this a pivotal activity for the support of cultural organisations, particularly in this Covid-regulated world, where digital programmes now represent the primary way to still enjoy the arts.


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