My Instagram Take Over S1

Anacleto The Cat, Mariia Fedorova, Lucia Cristiani, Guido Segni, Meri (We Make The New), Gabriella Hirst, Dawoon Kim

April 1st – July 8th, 2018

April 1st-8th. S1E1: “What is Sharing?” feat. Anacleto The Cat


April 16th-22nd. S1E2: “Are we truly connected with the other users?” feat. Mariia Fedorova


April 30th-May 6th. S1E3: “Does ‘sharing’ imply openness?” feat. Lucia Cristiani


May 14th-20th. S1E4: “What are artists doing on Instagram?” feat. Guido Segni



May 27th – June 2nd. S1E5: “To capture or not to capture?” feat. Meri

June 11th-17th. S1E6: “Is it better to be seen or to be invisible?” feat. Gabriella Hirst

June 25th-July 1st. S1E7: “Is ‘sharing’ caring or showing off?” feat. Dawoon Kim